b Brother DCP T220 Troubleshooting | Fix Not Printing

Brother DCP T220 Troubleshooting Steps & Solutions

Brother DCP T220 Troubleshooting

Brother DCP-T220 Troubleshooting

Brother DCP T220 is an All-in-One ink tank printer that enables you to print, scan, and copy. The device is designed to be a small office-based printer and is stylish and compact. It is dynamic and adapts and upgrades to the technology. You can also connect your Brother DCP T220 via USB. Brother DCP T220 Troubleshooting enables you to analyze and solve the Brother DCP T220 Troubleshooting issues that are caused by your printer. Troubleshooting helps to trace the error, correct your device's faults, and make you access your printer without any trouble.

Brother DCP T220 Printer Not Connected

The Brother DCP T220 printer can be connected to your PC via a USB cable. In case the printer is not connected to your PC, after using your USB cable, then try the below steps to make your printer get connected.

  • Make sure that your printer is on and is connected to your PC via USB cable.
  • Check whether you have downloaded your Brother DCP T220 driver on your PC. If not, try installing the driver from the official web page of Brother and then try connecting your printer to your PC.
  • Open your Control Panel, select the Devices and Printers option, and check whether Brother DCP T220 is listed on the devices and printer page. If not, select Add a printer from the top of the page, choose your printer name, and make sure that your printer is listed. And then, try connecting your printer.
  • Sometimes, a change in the USB port or a change in USB cable may lead to connectivity issues. Try disconnecting your USB cable to a different port and check whether your Brother DCP T220 printer gets connected to the PC.
  • Restart your PC. Restarting helps to reload the program that is in sleep mode. So, go to the Start menu and restart your PC. Wait for a few minutes until your PC restarts and connect your printer via USB and make sure the printer is connected to your PC.
  • If the above methods don't seem to work for you, try re-installing the Brother DCP T220 driver on your PC. Uninstall the Brother driver you downloaded before. Go to Start>> Apps/All programs>> Brother>> Brother Utilities>> Uninstall. After uninstalling the software, go to the official web page of Brother and search for your model name-Brother DCP T220 and click on the Download button to download the software and install the software and launch it to connect your PC to your Brother DCP T220.

Brother DCP T220 Printer Offline

    You can resolve your Brother DCP T220 printer offline issue by using simple steps on your computer.

  • Download your Brother printer driver from the official web page of Brother.
  • Open your Downloads folder and locate the downloaded file and double-click the application to install the driver.
  • Click Install after accepting the terms and conditions.
  • Connect your Brother printer to your PC via USB and make sure it is connected.
  • Now, open the Control Panel, go to Devices and Printers, and add your printer by selecting the Add a printer option.
  • Choose the printer and make sure it is listed.
  • Right-click the printer and select the See what's printing option.
  • On the printer page, select the Printer option from the top and deselect the Use printer offline option.
  • Now, your Brother printer offline issue is resolved using Brother DCP T220 Troubleshooting steps given above.

Brother DCP T220 Not Printing

    Your Brother DCP T220 fails to print due to minor faults in your PC. Just correct it by verifying or doing any of the simple steps below:
  • Check whether the driver software is downloaded on your PC.
  • The printer fails due to a fault in the USB cable too. So, try disconnecting your USB cable and connect it again to another USB port and make sure that your printer prints.
  • Go to the Start menu and open the Control Panel. Search for Devices and Printers and locate your printer on the list and right-click it. Select See what's printing, and your desktop will pop up with the printer page. Click on the Printer menu from the top and select Cancel all the documents and click Yes. Now, perform the print operation and make sure your printer prints.
  • In case any of the above steps do not work, try to restart your PC or printer and make sure your printer prints.

Brother DCP T220 Paper Jam

    Paper jam happens in every printer; do simple things if your paper is jammed inside the machine.

  • Unplug the machine from the power outlet and pull the paper tray out.
  • Now, pull the jammed paper out of the machine carefully.
  • Check for any scrap stuck inside the machine by opening the jam clear cover on the backside of the machine and pulling out the scrap if it is stuck inside.
  • Now, close the jam clear cover, insert the paper tray, and connect to the power outlet.
  • Sometimes, paper jam may occur due to the wrong placement of paper in the tray.
  • Make sure you place the paper perfectly in the paper tray so that the edges do not get damaged, and adjust the paper guides inside the tray to make the paper fit the tray.

Brother DCP T220 Scanner Not Working

    Sometimes, the settings on your PC may not favor scanning. So, try to change the settings on your PC to make your scanner work.

  • Make sure you download the Brother iPrint and scan app from the official web page of Brother to scan from your PC.
  • Check whether the software supports the PC's OS.
  • After downloading and then installing the software, go to the Start menu on your PC and select the Control Panel.
  • Click on the Scanners and cameras option on the control panel and search for the View scanners and cameras option.
  • Choose your machine.
  • Select Properties on the lower side of the page and click on the events tab on the top of the Brother Scanner properties page.
  • You can see the Select an Event tab.
  • Choose the Scan/image button from the Select an event option and Brother iPrint&scan from the start of this program option.
  • Click OK after selecting the above options and perform the scan and make sure it works.

Brother DCP T220 Printing Blank Pages

    Brother DCP T220 printing blank pages is primarily due to damages or dust in your print head. Cleaning your print head will solve this issue of printing blank pages using the Brother DCP T220 Troubleshooting steps given below. Keep in mind that cleaning your print head often will lead to unnecessary wastage of your ink. Check your print quality before cleaning your print head.

  • On your Brother DCP T220 printer, press the Power or Stop button and Copy Shortcut button simultaneously to get the copy of your print quality page.
  • The LED lights on your printer begin to blink.
  • Now, press the Copy Shortcut button on your printer.
  • Your printer will deliver the quality in a dotted line manner.
  • If there is more gap between the lines, then the quality is poor, and if there is no gap between the lines, then the quality is good.
  • You can clean your print head if your quality is poor.
  • Make sure that you don't touch the print head while cleaning as it causes permanent damage to your print head.
  • To clean your print head, do the same simple steps you did for checking the quality, such as press the Power button and the Copy shortcut button simultaneously and select Color start if you want to clean the color or Mono start to clean the black.
  • Don't clean your print head often, as it causes permanent damages to your print head.
  • Perform the above Brother DCP T220 Troubleshooting steps without skipping any of them and make sure it works.